Sisters Growing Together Inc - Education Is The Key To Success!
About Us
Sisters Growing TogetherThis program helps Young Ladies develop skill sets to navigate through issues of Self-Esteem, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness and Professional and Educational Development. The goal of this initiative is to help prepare these Young Ladies, with the support of Responsible Corporate Business Executives and Community Leaders, to become Skilled and Productive Leaders  within  their  Community and Workforce.
Do you want your Young Lady to have a strong education that will prepare her for college and a successful future? It is through play and interaction with peers and adults that Young Ladies grow both intellectually and socially. From hands on learning to intimate classroom situations we make it possible to overcome learning obstacles, to grow and succeed. Here at  Sisters  Growing Together we provide an open and honest environment where Young Ladies can develop their true potential.
Each quarter the Young Ladies that are in school whether itbe Elementary, Jr High, High School, or College, are required to turn in their report card. There will be various places for tutoring if needed, and if you would like to be a tutor please let us know. Sisters Growing  Together is all of us working together to help each other grow. Since Education is a big part of our organization this is our top priority. Every Young Lady who turns their report card in EVERY QUARTERwill have their name in a drawing for a Galaxy Tab Ipad, that will be given away at the end of the school year. So please turn in your report cards so that we can help each other grow.